Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking can be useful for commercial or public sector business, to enable comprehensive tracking of all assets across the company on a daily basis. Manage the assignment of assets to employees, vendors or customers to ensure no assets get misplaced.

The platform allows the assignment of an asset and complete management of its timely return. Each time an issue transaction is acknowledged, an audit record appears in the system providing full visibility and accountability of the asset’s use. Assets can even be reserved before use to ensure speedy collection.

Whether an educational establishment loaning equipment to students, a hospital booking out care equipment to patients or a commercial business tracking the reservation and temporary issue of a central repository of assets to employees, the software will allow you to:

  • Reduce the loss or theft of portable assets
  • Improve the utilisation of assets by enabling colleagues to click and reserve the assets that they need
  • Monitor changes in asset condition, which can be updated each time the asset is loaned or returned
  • Identify unused equipment, or equipment in short supply through the software’s utilisation reports
  • Automatically chase overdue/not-returned equipment through active email workflows, reducing the time spent waiting for assets to be returned
  • Record a signature on issue and return of the item to improve accountability. Reports showing asset wastage can include ‘last loan signatures’
  • Attach and associate electronic documents to assets; document the current loan, photograph the condition or attach instructions for use