Executive Protection

Our Operations Division is one of the most knowledgeable out there. The team consists of individuals who are highly trained and certified in many different facets of security operations including law enforcement, military special forces, and executive protection.

We understand the importance of coordination, communication and leadership. Therefore, our teams are supported by a full trained and specialised back office team, they provide logistical and technical support through every facet of the assignment.

Sursec provides the following executive protection services:

  • Diplomatic Protection
  • Executive Escort and Drivers
  • Executive Travel Support
  • Estate Protection
  • VIP Protection

Executive protection is a two-way street.

Security is our business. And we’re good at it. But like you, we continue to find ways to do our job even better by adapting to your needs. So we don’t just talk to you, we listen. We welcome client feedback throughout each stage of the mission. Give us your input. It helps inform us and allows to make the necessary changes and modifications that give you a truly customized plan. After all, protecting someone’s life isn’t a one size fits all business. Doing it right takes more than an off the shelf solution. It takes partnership.