EVE International is an International Security consultancy firm. It was created due to a growing need for more advanced security solutions to protect businesses, whether its physical, mechanical or technological. An experienced team of professionals validates the combination of these three elements.

Our core approach is to mitigate Security Risks and to help recognise vital threats that most of businesses are facing. The primary focus is to develop a combination of smart solutions that will integrate the internal and external processes of the company to enhance the existing security resources.

EVE International supports in an international level the following strategic and operative services:

  1. Risk & Vulnerability Assessment of single location or industrial plants
  2. Management Security Audit
  3. Security Operations Center based in Switzerland for remote alarms connections and incident handling
  4. Security Design & Architectural Projects
  5. Security Operations Services on the grounds
  6. Security of supply & logistic chain
  7. Analysis of critical information and intangible knowhow inside the company
  8. Awareness and training program for internal employees and external suppliers
  9. Mechanical security solutions