EVE International Security Platform

EVE International offer our customers’ innovative solutions and first-class services for the Protection of People, Assets and Property.

We are there for our customers, and we are passionate about exceeding their expectations. EVE International -since the beginning -is investing in innovation and technology, as well as in expanding its services.

It is also developing emerging markets and identifying new opportunities for its mature portfolio.

Cyber Security UBIQUM smart platform for on-line monitoring of ICT infrastructure. Introducing UBIQUM, a Cyber Security and Web Intelligence Platform, the only complete, end-to-end OSINT/Deep Web and Cyberwarfare solution for government and corporate enterprise. UBIQUM includes a powerful suite of tools for graphical, organic, real-time analysis of deep social media and big data. UBIQUM is a Web Intelligence Centre that collects and analyses web, social networks, blogs, hosting services, news sites, and the Deep & Dark Web – building critical insights, focusing your investigation, and pinpointing targets. For Social Networks intelligence, UBIQUM offers cloud-based Situational Awareness that listens, monitors and extracts data from social networks including Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for persons of interest in specific geo-locations. The best platform to defend your assets from physical and logical threats.

VISTA CIRCLE Security Smart Platform for on-line evaluation of Security level of every single location.

A platform for all the communications between the client and any external contractor, providing insight/analysis of the contractor entire operations, their assets “Staff” to ensure they are properly qualified to undertake the work.

The platform services the entire recruitment and HR compliance process before employment offers is made. The process includes; pre-screening, where the individual before a formal interview would be required to agree to the company’s terms and conditions, provide requested documents to ensure the company employment criterion are met.

Vista Circle Four Pillars

Focus for all areas of management to the day-to-day operations of any manned services:

  • Recruitment / Core Management
  • Compliance / Assessment
  • Deployment / Training
  • Communication