The future finds us more committed than ever to empower our employees to reduce risks that affect your business

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Assist Security (Retail) Limited is a cyber intelligence and security company. It provides innovative, intelligence-led, security and technology solutions to a variety of blue-chip companies across multiple industries and jurisdictions.

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What we do

From investigations to cyber security, we find answers to your most critical questions every step of the way.

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We replace uncertainty with answers. Find out how by exploring the actions we take to help you or your industry.

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Why Choose Us

The concept of sustainable development needs to be incorporated into the policies and processes of a business if it is to follow sustainable development principles. This does not mean that new management methods need to be invented.

Secure Assets and People


When you considering how to protect your business and its assets, you need to identify the threats and vulnerabilities. Because security risks are interconnected and ever-evolving, count on Assist Security (Retail) Limited for expert advice, simple good risk management practice (including vigilance and contingency arrangements) may be all that you need. See more

Evaluate and Analyse Risk

Risk analysis is a process that helps you identify and mange potential problems that could undermine key business initiatives or projects.
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Business Strategy Analyses

A common response is stricter environmental regulation, which often inhibits growth. The result can be a trade-off between a healthy environment on the one hand and healthy growth on the other. As a consequence, opportunities for business may be constrained. See more

Investigate Business and Financial Misconduct

Whether you suspect Internal Fraud, a Data Breach, or have Assets that need tracing, Our Team of Experts can be your partner to Investigate Business and Financial Misconduct with confidence. See more

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